Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer Is Worth It



Many couples believe that hiring a professional wedding photographer is an expense they cannot afford. They may resort to finding alternatives for the normal wedding photography services because they want to spend as little as possible. Most of these alternatives typically involve a family member or a friend. Some wedding planning sites even advise against hiring a professional photographer to minimize the expense. However, the truth is that not hiring a professional photographer is a recipe for disaster. Below are some reasons why we believe you should leave your wedding photography in the hands of a professional.

A professional photographer is committed to you

A professional wedding photographer will always be committed to you as well as the wedding day. They will guarantee you to show up on the d-day, no questions asked. There are situations where friends have committed to photographing a wedding, only to flake out just before the wedding. It can be disappointing when they do not show up on the wedding day as they promised. On the other hand, if you hire and pay a professional, he/she is contractually obligated to perform his/her duties.

Experience is important

Many important moments in a wedding day like the first kiss, exchange of rings and first dance only happens once in a lifetime. One of the major benefits you get as a result of hiring a professional is having their experience behind you so as to ensure you will be able to share these moments with your grandchildren. These events will not happen again, or get replayed. So, it noteworthy to have a photographer whom you can trust to document the shot.

You are more like to get the shots you want

There are many shots to take during the 8 to 10 hour wedding day celebration. Some of these shots are more important than others. A professional wedding photographer will know the most important shots by heart and not have to look at the list. This way, he/she will make sure that all the important moments of the wedding day are documented for you. This skill takes some time to be developed and cannot be mastered overnight. So, first time wedding photographers are likely to miss a bunch of major shots.

06_01_2015_12_15_58A professional wedding photographer anticipates the action

A professional photographer will not only identify the important shots to be captured, but also anticipate the day’s actions. He/she will know what to watch for and also cues that can lead to a picture worthy moment. A professional does wedding almost on a weekly basis, so they are well conversant with the traditions of the day. They have on many occasions experienced the uh ohs as well as mishaps, the unplanned surprises. They will be there to capture these unexpected little treasures as soon as they happen.


Despite the familiarity or comfort of a friend or family member, and despite the potentially low cost of hiring them compared to hiring a professional wedding photographer, it is strongly advised against using a family member or a friend to photograph your wedding. If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, try an amateur.

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