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At New York Bride & Groom, we understand all of the busy details that go into looking absolutely stunning on your big day. Having a wide variety of gorgeous accessory options available in the salon allows our clients to assemble their entire bridal ensemble from head to toe. It can be tempting to shop online and order a multitude of sparkly items, however, it is best to try your accessories on with your wedding gown to ensure that you achieve a harmonious look.

Rhinestone strand shoulder jewelry

Add glamorous beauty to your vintage-inspired bridal ensemble wearing exquisitely crafted rhinestone shoulder jewelry. Double rhinestone strands drape across the front and back, while triple strands grace your shoulders with stunning sparkle. Shimmering rhinestone fan motifs create a look of unforgettable elegance. This twinkling style best complements strapless gowns. Available in silver.

Shoulder jewelry is an eye-catching addition to any strapless gown. It offers a delicate and romantic touch. Preserving your jewels correctly afterwards ensures you have a wonderful heirloom for future generations. This option is available from the most ornate to simple and serene, depending on your preferences.

The following tips from the Huffington Post are excellent to consider:

DON’T over-accessorize.

The last thing you want to look like is you and your 5-year-old niece were playing Pretty Pretty Princess before walking down the aisle. For extreme-chic looks, I love the “less is more” concept. If you want to make a statement, choose one part of the body to accentuate with a large piece, and balance the rest with small baubles. For a traditional affair, you’re almost always safe with an earrings and bracelet combo.

DO give yourself enough time!

Bridal jewelry is all too often lumped into the “accessories” category and barely mentioned against its counterparts: shoes, hair and handbags, yet it’s such an integral part of pulling together your look. Make sure you select your jewelry three months (minimum!) before the wedding. This way, you’ll have time to receive your order (pay attention to delivery times for custom jewelry), try it on during your gown fitting, and make any necessary exchanges.

DO change jewelry for the reception.

By now you know simply changing your jewelry can completely change the look and feel of your wedding style. So even if you aren’t letting your hair down or changing dresses, this is the perfect opportunity to try those statement earrings you loved or add bangles to make a stack (after all, you won’t have to worry about clanking noises once the party’s started)! See more at Huffington Post

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Bernice Lace Bridal Capelet

Luxurious bridal capelet made of our signature soft, ultra sheer Mirage Tulle finished with French Chantilly lace adds instant romance to any ensemble.

  • Capelet measures 18″ long at front and 23″ at back.

  • One size fits most.

Marionat Rhinestone Forehead Piece, Style 8656

new york bride groom wedding accessories charlotte nc bridal gowns bridesmaids tuxedosNew York Bride & Groom is committed to helping every bride we serve look radiant and feel gorgeous. The best way to complete your bridal ensemble is to try on a variety of options until you find the perfect wedding accessories to compliment your wedding day look. We are excited to show you and your bridesmaids the latest and greatest pieces. All at your convenience — we never require a reservation to shop or browse with us.